The Time Line

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What was life actually like during these periods? How long could you expect to live? What industry would you be in, and how many hours a week would you work? What would you earn, and how much would a loaf of bread cost? How efficient was industry, and what was the value of produce a man could produce? How many people lived in London, Britain, or indeed the World? Who were the World Leaders? What wars were going on? What Art and Culture was being produced, and what disasters plagued? What wondrous inventions and achievements were happening, and what laws were governing our day to day lives? Click on the era you are interested in for more details.


1600-1649 1650-1699 1700-1749 1750-1799 1800-1849
1850-1899 1900-1949 1950-1999 2000- Why things are the way they are