Life at the start of the New Millennium


Life Expectancy

  • The average person would live to only 77.5 years of age



  • 2% of people worked in Agriculture
  • 29% were in Industry
  • 35% of the workforce were employed in services
  • 34% worked in Information/Education/Entertainment/Communications


Working hours

  • An average worker was expected to work about 37.5 hours per week


Farmerís wage

  • A Farm Labourer could expect to earn about 180 pounds a week


Cost of a loaf of bread

  • A 2lb standard sized loaf would cost 50 pence


Wheat Yield

  • Each acre of Wheat would produce 91 bags (or 112lb "hundred weights") of corn.


Cost of Wheat in Silver

  • 100kg (Two large sacks) would be worth 48 grammes of Silver


World Gross Domestic Produce per capita ($)

  • Each person would produce about $41016 worth of goods in a year


Cost of Living vs 1275AD

  • The cost of goods and materials (Inflation) was 584Ĺ times that of 1275


World population

  • Estimated population of the World was 6,272, 000, 000 people


UK Population

  • 59,000,000 people (or .9% of the World Population) lived in Britain


London population

  • London had a population of 7,000,000 people (11.8% of the UK)


Monarchy and World Leaders

  • Charles or William to become king?



  • World War III?


Art Culture and Architecture

  • The Millennium dome
  • The Millennium wheel


Events, Discoveries, and Achievements

  • Man to go to mars
  • Understanding of Genes
  • Discovery of Life
  • Finding a Earth type planet in another solar system






  • Cure for Cancer
  • Answer to the fuel problem. Hydrogen power?



  • Nuclear explosion



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